Avery is delighted to be back at LPT as a part of this original production. You last saw Avery in the ongoing tradition of "Festival of Christmas" as Ellie in "Catch a Falling Star". She attends middle school in Escondido and enjoys horseback riding, dance, modeling, hanging with friends and being challenged in class. Favorite credits include: Wendy Darling in “Peter Pan” (BBTA) for which she won the National Youth Theater Award- Lead Actress, Ellie in “To Catch a Falling Star”, Posey in “Christmas on my Mind”, (Lamb’s Players, Festival of Christmas), Young Terk in “Tarzan” & Ginger in “Zombie Prom” (Center Stage Productions). Many thanks to this amazing artistic team, the great cast, her family, friends and instructors for supporting her dream of performing.
- Dinner With Marlene( 2016 )
- Festival of Christmas - Catch a Falling Star( 2013 )
- Festival Of Christmas - Christmas On My Mind( 2007 )