Darcy is a pianist, composer, and producer located in Victoria, on Vancouver Island in British Columbia, Canada. Since 1995 Darcy has been keyboardist and vocalist for Universal recording artist Jann Arden, appearing on “The Tonight Show,” and “Good Morning America”, accompanying her on stages throughout the world, and performing on several of her recent recordings. He has composed original scores for numerous television and film productions, including the TV series’ “In the Nick of Time”, and “Shiver”, for Great North Productions. His original score for the feature film “The Road to Saddle River” (with Michael Becker) won the Alberta Motion Picture Industry Association’s Score of the Year award. In the recording studio, Darcy has supported many recording artists both as session keyboardist and as producer, and on the stage he has had the pleasure of accompanying such great artists as Sarah Maclachlan, Big Miller, and Tommy Banks. He has worked alongside his friend Scott Hafso for many years, and bringing “Joe” to the stage has been a true labor of love.