Anton is stoked to jump back into mixtape. He is a proud husband of a local gal and they've enjoyed raising their first mini-Fero, Eden and excited about the newest mini-Fero, Gwen who joined us on May 3rd this year. Anton is currently the Associate Pastor at Catalyst Church SD downtown. Their family is moving to Portland, OR to plant a church next summer. They are blown away at everything God is orchestrating in their life with their call to serve the city of Portland. Tours: Altar Boyz, Little Women, 12 Irish Tenors. SD: SDMT-Footloose, Lambs-Mixtape, Guys and Dolls, Fiddler, Festival of Christmas. For more info on the their move to Portland go to
- MIXTAPE at the Horton Grand Theatre( 2015 )
- Festival of Christmas - Northern Lights( 2014 )
- Fiddler on the Roof The Lyceum Theatre( 2014 )
- Festival of Christmas - Catch a Falling Star( 2013 )
- Fiddler On The Roof( 2013 )
- MIXTAPE* ( 2013 )
- Festival of Christmas - Christmas on My Mind( 2012 )
- Guys & Dolls( 2012 )
- MIXTAPE ( 2012 )