Smoke On The Mountain
Oct 2nd, 1992 - Nov 14th, 1992
by Connie Ray
Musical Direction by Vanda Eggington
Directed by Kerry Meads
June Sanders Kerrie McCann
Dennis Sanders J.J. Eliot
Burl Sanders George Fish, Jr.
Denis Sanders Sarah Zimmerman
Pastor Oglethorp David Cochran Heath
Vera Sanders Deborah Gilmour Smyth
Scenic Design Mike Buckley
Lighting Design C. Todd Brown
Costume Design Veronica Murphy Smith
Stage Manager Barbara D. Smith
"Skillful performances… adept instrumental work!"
- ( Los Angeles Times )
"Everyone in this cast makes a strong contribution! Lively musical performances!" laughed again."
- ( San Diego Reader )
"Full of dark poignancy! Hum along and enjoy the music!"
- ( San Diego Union-Tribune )