Smoke On The Mountain - Lyceum Space, Horton Plaza
Jul 5th, 1995 - Aug 27th, 1995
by Connie Ray
Musical Direction by Vanda Eggington
Directed by Kerry Meads
June Sanders Kerrie McCann
Burl Sanders Clay Rider
Denise Sanders Sarah Zimmerman
Vera Sanders Vanda Eggington
Pastor Oglethorp Larry Parrish
Pastor Olglethorp (relpaced Larry Parrish) Doug Waldo
Dennis Sanders Jon Lorenz
Scenic Design Mike Buckley
Lighting Design C. Todd Brown
Costume Design Jeanne Reith
Stage Manager Gabriel Campbell
"Funny, talented production! The cast sings well and is so musically versatile it seems everyone plays a different instrument for every song."
- ( San Diego Reader )
"A hoot of a show, sweetly done!"
- ( Backstage West )
"A hilarious production!"
- ( Daily Californian )
"Soulful, rompin’ stompin,' funny and touching. Meads' direction is flawless, as is the company’s musicianship!"
- ( Los Angeles Times )
"A revival in every way!"
- ( Times-Advocate )
"Too funny for words! You’ll laugh ‘til your sides hurt!"
- ( Uptown )