Jun 1st, 2006 - Jul 23rd, 2006
by Peter Shaffer
Directed by Kerry Meads
Antonio Salieri David Cochran Heath
Constanze Weber Colleen Kollar Smith
Emperor Franz Joseph II Rick Meads
Count Orsini-Rosenberg Doren Elias
Baron Von Swieten Jim Chovick
Venticelli K.B. Mercer
Venticelli Paul Maley
Venticelli Greg Good
Wofgang Amadeus Mozart Jon Lorenz
Scenic & Lighting Design Mike Buckley
Costume Design Jeanne Reith
Properties Design Cecelia Church
Stage Manager Tisha Tumangan
Sound Design G. Scott Lacy
"Beautifully costumed, excellently acted! Director Kerry Meads keeps the action swirling and the tension high."
- Pat Launer ( KPBS )
"Excellent! The movie's fine, but it's no substitute for this!"
- Martin Jones Westlin ( San Diego City Beat )
"You can't do better than LPT's production, with David Cochran Heath in a career-defining performance...the rapt audience barely stirs an inch!"
- Pam Kragen ( North County Times )
"Well acted, visually appealing, directed with style!"
- Jennifer Chung ( )