Festival Of Christmas - Victorian Holiday
Nov 30th, 1984 - Dec 30th, 1984
Choreographed by Pamela Turner
Written and Directed by Kerry Meads
Jonathan Walters David Cochran Heath
Claire Walters Trudi Parker
Peter Walters Nathan Peirson
Beth Walters Carolyn Shade Cadigan
Gary Thornberry Phil Card
Gordy Thornberry Tim Peirson
Glory Thornberry Tess Card
Gertie Thornberry Vanda Eggington
Gracie Thornberry Margaret Neuhoff
Marion Ruth Jones
M. Trudeau La Granier Pamela Turner
Scenic Design Mike Buckley
Lighting / Sound Design David Thayer
Costume Design Margaret Neuhoff
Properties Design Don Lonsbrough
Stage Manager Dave Budd