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  OUR CUSTOMER SUPPORT IS ONLINE 24-7. Enquiries regarding existing orders and shipments receive immediate response. Before you drop us a line, please check if your questions have been answered in Frequent Questions »
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FedEx items are dispatched 24-7. A handling fee of $7.50 is applied to FedEx orders with requested shipping after 7 p.m. (EDT).
› Purchases over $350.00 are free of shipping charges.
Giveaways, adjustments, and volume discount are available.

Delivery standards: Toronto and GTA - 1-2 business days, provincially - 4-12 business days. United States: 7-12 business days, International: 7-18 business days (traceable air), 6-8 weeks (traceable surface).
› Please track your item online: » (by Tracking №)

MEDIA: VOGUE Knitting Magazine, Late Winter 2018
KNIT LIFE: Canada by Lee Ann Dalton »
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🌟 Frequent Question: How can I place a combined order of Teas/Coffee and goods from your Knitting Shop?
A: To place a combined order of Teas/Coffee and items from our Knitting Shop, please email the list of items your would like to order and their quantities to ». You will be invoiced via PayPal shortly. Please note: International orders may not be shipped since tea and coffee are banned for importation in many countries. Recently, we ship teas and coffee within North America, to UK, Switzerland, Germany, France, Australia, Ireland, Norway, and Japan. If you know exactly that Tea/Coffee are allowed for importation into your country, we would be glad to ship to you!

🌟 Frequent Question: Are all of your magazines in English?
A: We inventory magazines in 8 languages: EN, FR, GR, NL, SP, IT, RU, PO. Please check an Edition language in brackets, or in a description posted for each issue.

🌟 Frequent Question: Do you sell a Qiviut yarn?
A: Please contact (Stockists) or Windy Valley Farm for purchases. Buying a pure variety, please ask for certification since muskox fiber is a rare commodity, and it is mainly produced on one farm in Palmer, Alaska (if it's not so, please let us know!)

🌟 Frequent Question: Do you sell angora yarn in heavy weights?
A: To make it heavy and in a weight you wish, please knit with 2-10 balls at the same time. Angora is precious and does not manufactured in thick weights, except handspun ».

🌟 Frequent Question: Do you have a retail location? Can I pick-up my order?
A: Currently, we are a mail-order store. Please check our News for updates. Orders placed from local communities (Richmond Hill, Markham, Maple, King City, Stouffville, Aurora) can be delivered at your door. Handling fee is between $2.50 and $7. Each in-stock item posted on our website is ready to ship (or be locally delivered) withn an hour.

🌟 Frequent Question: Do you ship Internationally?
A: Yes. International orders are shipped via traceable surface or air services. An additional payment for postage might be required. Delivery standards: 7-18 business days (traceable air), 6-8 weeks (traceable surface). Non-traceable air can be done on request: Since Canada Post does not provide insurance and coverage for non-traceable items, we require your written permission to ship your package without insurance. One-Sum Payment is available: PayPal Payment Request (Any Currency) »
NOTE: We don't ship to military bases.

  Notifications are emailed: after your order placement, and after your order has been shipped - delivery standards and a tracking number included.
To add an item to your placed order, please either use our online shopping cart - we issue adjustments within two business days, or please email us the extras.
Orders are placed online or by email.
› We do not hold uncertain orders and purchases with the not paid in full balance or/and unconfirmed shipping address for more than 3 business days from the initial purchase date.
Shipping rates are based on the weight and dimensions of your item. { Postal Prices PDFs » }
› A fixed and non-refundable fee of $2.50 is deducted from refunds issued for orders which are not paid in full and purchases of not-in-stock items unless a back order can be placed. A fixed fee of $1.00 may be billed against a wrong request resulting in cancellation of a placed order. { Policy » }
› A non-refundable 5% cancellation/dormancy fee is deducted from refunds. A service fee of $0.50 can be charged instead, depending on a cause of cancellation. { Policy }
› A dormancy or/and cancellation fee of $1.00 is charged for overdue orders and payments.
› A handling fee of $2.00 is charged if a combined shipment is requested for multiple orders. Exception: combined orders of tea and yarn.
› No adjustment is credited if an incorrect purchaser's email address is provided in your order form. { Policy » }
Packaging: Free iECO or NaturSac biodegradable clear plastic bags. About 70% of packaging materials we use are biodegradable, and 100% recyclable.
› We ship via Canada Post or FedEx. Shipments are prepared and sent out every day except weekends. Express post items, paid in full, are shipped 24-7.
› Our prices are in Canadian Funds. { About | Product Index }
To calculate a shipping rate, please follow the link ( a Rate, from L4E 0H9) or contact us for assistance.
We accept VISA, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, INTERAC e-Transfer, certified cheques /money orders (CAD, US). { Ordering information }
› Delivery standards: within Ontario - 1-3 business days, other provinces - 4-12 business days.
› Orders over $350.00 are free of shipping charges unless FedEx is requested (for FedEx account holders - freight-free).
Xpresspost and FedEx are available at an additional charge. › Payment for Express post must be provided within two business days from the initial purchase date. Otherwise, the refund is issued, a fixed fee of $2.50 is charged.
Giveaways are supplied with orders over $100.00 if a shipping rate is paid in full.
› A volume purchase discount is available for purchases over $400.
Returns, Exchanges, Refunds, Cancellations, Restocking fee, Credit note.
› Shipment redirection: we may ask for an additional payment if redirection of a shipment is requested.
› Information on our website and our inventory are updated daily.

🌟 Frequent Question: Are your postage rates adjustable?
  A: Yes. Our websites service Customers worldwide, and most of orders are shipped via traceable services. Postage paid online is adjusted within 2 - 4 business days after an item has been shipped, if an overcharge for shipping exceeds CAD$1.25. Each online transaction is a subject to a PayPal's fee.
One-Sum payments: INTERAC e-Transfers, certified cheques/money orders are accepted.
INTERAC e-Transfer (CAD) » / Certified Cheques (CAD, USD) »

International Customers: cheapest Non-traceable air can be done on request. Your written permission is required. Please be advised: Canada Post does not provide insurance and coverage for non-traceable items.
One-Sum Payment can be arranged: PayPal Payment Request (Any Currency) »


The in-stock quantity is posted on our website for each item. If you need a larger volume or a different colour please contact » A pre-paid special order can be accepted. The delivery takes from 1 to 6 weeks to our store. * Discontinued items excluded.

⚼ EMAIL, Irene & Mr. Sheep: - for general enquiries (24 hours Mon-Fri). { F. R. I. » F. A. Q. » }
⚼ EMAIL: - to enquire about your shipment (24 hours Mon-Sun), request additional shipping information, calculate a postage rate.
⚼ EMAIL, Tea House: - Wise Tea Garden® products (24 hours Mon-Fri).
TEL: +1(416)242-7090, 9 a.m. - 5 p.m. EDT Mon-Fri - Please leave a message, you will be contacted shortly.
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PO Box 40043
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PO Box 40043
13070 Yonge St.
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L4E 0H9, Canada


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