How we keep our rates lower than our competitors

Unlike most of our competitors, we're not an outsourcing agency. That is, we don't
submit your paper to a pool of several hundred freelance editors and hope that he
or she does a decent editing job. All of our editing is done in-house by our small
staff. This not only ensures consistency-
-quality time and time again--and
confidentiality, but also lowers our overhead costs.

There is a caveat: Our rates are the lowest among QUALITY services. There are
dozens if not hundreds of low-level editing "services" (many of which could more
accurately be described as "editing scams") that charge lower rates. We very often
edit papers that were previously "proofread" or "edited" by such low-quality sites.

How do we know this? Like any successful business, we monitor the average
fees within our market. Then we charge the equivalent of US$0.01-0.02 less per
word. At an average-sized text of 5,000 words, that's a $50-100 savings!
We pass these savings on to you.
Send us a  verifiable
quote (link, email) from
another quality service,

and we'll beat it.
When I was initially
trying to find a
copyeditor a year or 2
ago, I had sent the
same manuscript to
[omitted], [omitted],
and [omitted], and your
edits were far superior
to those other ones.
And so I have been
very pleased with your
--Michael, Sydney, Australia
Get it done right the first time. And get quality for less.
Get it done right the first time

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