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Frequently Asked Questions

How to Order?


  1. Browse thru our website and decide upon the type of product you require.

  2. Click on Order Online and fill up our online order form. Incomplete order forms will not be processed.

  3. If your web browser does not support Chinese Characters, you can SMS the name to us at +65 9044-2852.

    Kindly include your name and email address for identification purposes.
    (E.g. John Doe

  4. Choose your method of payment.
    For payments by Internet Banking or Cash Transfer, you will receive an email containing further instructions will be sent within 24hrs.

    For payments by Cheque :
    Please make it payable to Katavan Pte Ltd
    - On the reverse side of your cheque, please include your name, your child's name and your contact number

    than mail it off to :

    Katavan Pte Ltd
    Re : (Order Number)
    Blk 108 Depot Road #01-07, Depot Heights Shopping Centre
    Singapore 100108

  5. Orders will only be processed when we have receive both your completed order form and payment.


  1. Download our Fax Order Forms
    Click here for all Fax Order Forms

  2. Complete the Order Form.

  3. Fax the completed order form back to us at +65 6246-6543.


  1. Click here for Instructions on how to Order Via SMS

Main differences between the Name Book Editions
  Standard Edition Classic Edition Revised Edition A4 Edition
Cost Chinese SGD$9.90
English SGD$9.90
Chinese SGD$15.00
English SGD$12.00
Chinese Only
English Only
Shipping and Handling Inclusive Inclusive Inclusive Inclusive
Physical Characteristics A5, printed double-sided on 100gsm paper

16 pages. Staple binding
A5, printed single-sided on 100gsm paper

16 pages. Spiral ring binding, photo cover option
A5, printed double-sided on 100gsm paper

16 pages. Staple binding
A4, printed single-sided on 100gsm paper

10 pages. Spiral ring binding cover option
Color No Yes No No
English Format 14 pages - varies name practice

2 pages - coloring
6 pages - individual letter practice

10 pages - name practice*
N.A. 9 pages - varies name practice

1 page - coloring
Chinese Format 6 pages - individual character practice

8 pages - varies name practice

2 pages - coloring*
6 pages - individual character practice

10 pages - name practice*
6 pages - individual character practice

10 pages - name practice*
* Format varies

My child's name has more than 12 characters. What should I do?
- You wish to purchase our A4 Book. It can hold upto 20 characters or you may wish to break your child's name into segments. Example below


(A5 Standard/Classic Edition - Using our standard template, we are only able to accommodate a maximum of 12 Letters. If your child's name is longer than 12 Letters, you may wish to shorten the name using abbreviations or purchase the A4 Edition. Note : The formats for each edition is FIXED and we WILL NOT change the format of our Name Books, nor entertain any request to do so.)

Do you make Name Books of other languages?
- Yes we do, however special rates will apply. Assistance may be required.

Can I have a Mixed Name Book? (E.g. Half-Chinese, Half-English)
- The format for each language Name Book is fixed. Each language Name Book is specially designed to help assist your child in learning how to write their name.

Is Adult Supervision required?
- Yes, our Name Books only act as a guide. Like all guides, they still require supervision to help Guide and Correct mistakes made. See our article on Handwriting Basics for more information.

How long does it take for an order to be completed and delivered?
Direct orders (Online/Fax) - Verifiction and payment must be made before your order is processed. After that it should take only 3 working days to process your order. In the event of unexpected delays, you will be notified. Delivery is by SingPost and takes around 2-3 working days.

Via Popular Bookstores - It takes 10 working days for us to process your order. You should receive a confirmation SMS within 3 working days to inform you that we have received your order. Another SMS will be sent when your order is posted. Singpost takes at most 2 working days to deliver, if your article is registered it may take an additional working day.

My child will not sit still long enough to practice writing.
- Here are a few suggestions;
1. Find a quiet location free of distractions like computer or television.
2. Hanging or pinning your child's finished work on the wall or refrigerator door helps.
3. Allow your child to use whatever writing material he/she wants. Marker pens, color pencils, crayons, water colors.
4. Do not force your child to complete a full page per day. Simply start by writing a letter a day. You can increase the load as and when your child develops an interest.

Kindgartens / Childcare Providers :

Are there special rates for School Orders?
- Yes, special rates are available for Kindergarten or Child Care providers. For more information, please contact us.

We are interested in your product and would like to order, how do we go about this?
- Contact us and we will arrange to send a sales representative to your location. If you are interested in our products but wish to let the parents decide, we will more than happy to stop by your location to distribute flyers and order forms.

We are interested in your product but would like to develop a new format so that it fits into our curriculum.
- As we practice Print-on-Demand, we are able to accommodate most requests. However do note that special rates and a minimum order may apply.

Overseas Orders :

Do you ship overseas?
- Yes, we do.

Please note that all overseas orders must be paid via Paypal.

For overseas shipments, which postal service do you use?
- We use SingPost.

How much is shipping and handling?
- It varies depending upon the size of your order. The more books you purchase, the more you save on postage.

I wish to become a distributor.
- Please contact us for more information


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