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 $29.90 Each

Surprise your child with this lovely and colorful roll-up pocket that stores color pencils

Great for outdoor use. Extremely portable.

One set of 24 Color pencils INCLUDED*

This pencil roll holds up to 24 colour pencils. Its unrolled width is about 26cm and height about 28.5cm

The pencil rolls up into a tube of height about 19.5cm and a diameter of around 6cm.

The biggest of all our rolls, it is able to hold the standard complement of 24 colour pencils. It rolls up into a bundle small enough to fit into most school and art bags.

For bulk orders, please contact us to ensure stock availability.

  • *The brand of color pencils given is subject to availability. Faber-Castell remains our first choice.

  • For more information, please refer to our Terms and Conditions


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