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                                                                                                              Badger Airbrush Colors

Airbrushing Supplies

Replacement airbrush hose for Iwata airbrush gun.

10 feet braided air hoses. 1/4 inch female NPT on one end and Iwata airbrush gun on the other end.

AIRHOSE   Replacement air hose for Iwata, each    $11.00




Airbrush guns holder.

Avoid paint spillage from your airbrush gun, rest it on the "airbrush gun holder". Holds 2 guns, clamp to table up to 2 inches thick or simply insert it into a 1/2 inch hole on your table.

 ABHOLDER     Airbrush gun holder, each    $9.50


Palm Rest

Comfortably rest your customer's palm for airbrushing or hand paint designing. No more shaky hands or fingers.

PALMREST     Palm rest for designing, each   $3.50


Airbrush gun, Model B

Dual action airbrush gun, looks and operate like the Iwata HP-B. Cost much less than Iwata.

ABGUN-B     Airbrush gun model B, each    $48.88


Airbrush gun, Model-C (large cup with cap)

Dual action airbrush gun, looks and operate like the Iwata HP-C. Has a large storage cup with cap. Cost much less than Iwata.

ABGUN-C     Airbrush gun Ginza GP-C, each    $68.88


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