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Cute Monkey Nail Dryer

Cute, Fun, Portable nail dryer.


Dry your nails the cute and fun way with this portable nail dryer. Auto on/off, just rest your finger on the banana plate to turn on and when you lift your finger it will automatically turn off. Battery operated, two "AAA" batteries, batteries not included. Great for GIFT.

Approx. height - 3.5"

MONKEY-1      Monkey Nail Dryer, 1 PC    $6.98 $6.18

MONKEY-12      Monkey Nail Dryer, 12 PCS    $69.80 $67.98


Therml Spa Professional Nail Dryer v2

Professional nail dryer.

6 minutes drying cycle.

Adjustable height, 2.5" for manicure or 5" for pedicure.

Washable/ Easy removable filter.

Powerful motors.

2 black light bulbs to assist quicker drying.

Easy "Touch On Switch Start"

1 year limited warranty.

*out of stock** 49170   TS Professional Nail Dryer, each    $108.00

36 watts UV Gel Curing Lamp

The 36 Watt Ultraviolet Gel Curing Light has two settings: 90 second and 120 second. Four 9-watt light bulbs are included . It is safe and effective for use with top coats and gels. It is a one-hand light.

**out of stock** UV36-110   36 watts lamp, 110 volts    $97.50

**out of stock** UV36-220   36 watts lamp, 220 volts    $97.50 

UVBULB-9   9 watts replacement bulb    $8.00 

9 watts UV Gel Curing Lamp

Portable, light weight gel curing light.

**out of stock** UV9-110   9 watts lamp, 110 volts    $37.95

UV9-220   9 watts lamp, 220 volts    $37.95

UVBULB-9   9 watts replacement bulb    $8.00 

Replacement UV Bulb, 7 watts

UVBULB-7   7 watts replacement bulb    $8.95




Turbo Fan

The fastest and strongest of all the fans. Power combined with a small attractive style make this fan a great buy.

T-FAN   Turbo fan    $15.00




Demert, nail enamel dryer

Nail Enamel Dryer is the professional manicurist's finishing spray for natural and artificial nail applications. (ship within the US states only, no international shipping)

DEMERT       Demert, each    $4.50

DEMERT-12        Demert, 12/case    $48.00



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