Electrode Features for  U T Q  series

UTQ is an electrode made by PROINCOMM; its special features let you get an excellent performance of your network. (Electric, voice-data and telecommunications) .

    Main Features:

  • Its efficiency is guaranteed 24hrs/365 days during 10 years.

  • It needs low maintenance (once a year to keep your guarantee). And with every maintenance service, resistance gets improved.

  • Very Fast Return of Investment (a few years).

  • UTQ helps to reduce system's resistance along time (During 18 years).

  • It's approved by C.F.E.(Mexico's Federal Electricity Commission) since 1997.

  • UTQ is an ecologic device, it doesn't pollute ground water.

  • It doesn't damage natural environment, it even fortifies minerals in soil .

  • Proincomm electrodes don't need to be connected to any kind of grounding system to give you the required resistance.

  • Proincomm has an exclusive algorithm that determines the number of elements in function of the soil resistance to get the value needed by our clients.

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