Purpose of Grounding

    * Data Rate: The bandwidth

         Any communication between IT devices is accomplished through variations in voltage or the amount of light, producing a chain of ones and zeros (bits). Now a day, transmission rates can exceed 10 Gbps (10 billion bits transmitted in a second) so a tiny variation in flow as small as a spark distorts a large amount of data. This means that the devices try once and again to send data, decreasing bits receiving rate. An adequate grounding is essential to avoid these unwanted variations and in this way obtain all the benefits of our hardware speed rates. Beside this, today is more frequent that the IT equipment providers only make valid their guarantees if they are properly attached to a grounding that fulfill international specifications 24 hrs/ 365 days.

    * Protecting investment in hardware: Significant Savings

         These voltage variations are caused by several factors like natural friction caused by man, devices with constant motion like motors, fans, power plants, energy transformers and lighting. These variations are extremely dangerous for all devices, causing losses of thousands of dollars in hardware. The most affected are microprocessors and data management chips. With grounding you obtain an excellent performance of equipments, increase the time that they are useful for the company, and decrease investment in computer and telecommunications hardware.

    * Security: An authentic lifesaver

         Unfortunately, when there are abrupt voltage spikes as the time that an employee or client is touching any energized part, he could be instantly killed by electrocution. This is the most important reason for us, PROINCOMM, to justify the installation of a grounding system, because a human life is irreplaceable. Our electrodes instantly absorb that rise of energy (unwanted electrical flow) from a tiny invisible spark up to the most intense energy generated by lightning during a thunderstorm.

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