Electrode Advantages for U T Q series

PROINCOMM electrode provides you many benefits above those others in market.


    Main Advantages:

  • Grounding System maintenance cost is reduced up to 97%.

  • Failures in electric and / or electronic devices are reduced 99%.

  • In a 12 years period the efectivity of the grounding system is at least of 97%.

  • When you use Proincomm electrodes in your grounding system, there are two economic benefits that are related to soil resistivity:
      a).- If soil resistivity is low, your investment is pays for itself in a year.
      b).- If soil resistivity is high, your investment is small, saving approximately 81%.

  • Proincomm electrode voltage is 0.00 Volts.

  • Proincomm electrode fully keeps ANSI-C33.8-1972 norm.

  • Besides economic and durable our electrode is versatile and easy to install. .

  • If you are Proincomm's client, each electrode cost is reduced according to your customer history.

  • If you purchase at a time more than one service or product type you get a lower price.

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