Patient Testimonials
Testimonial - Ari A. divider

"Every dentist I've ever seen in the past has been somewhere between OK and pretty good.

Mora Family Dentistry rates excellent in my book!

From their welcoming friendliness to their high level of expertise in taking care of teeth, I am very impressed. Thank you for helping me have such a high quality experience!" — Ari A.

Testimonial - Joe P.. divider

"This place is awesome! Our whole family goes here.

If you like dentists, you will love them. If you don't like dentists, you will love them.

Talk about a warm and inviting atmosphere. A true family dental practice where the husband and wife and two of their children are the dentists.

They do all the cleanings themselves as well as all advanced dental work. I think there is something special and thorough when the dentist performs the cleaning as it builds the relationship, supports a calming atmosphere and gives them extra time/ data points to diagnose any/ all oral issues that may exist.

Technically they are excellent and talented in their craft. What makes them even more unique is their ability to ease the fears most people have of visiting the dentist.

Truth be told, many people don't go to the dentist because of their fears. We all know someone who is in this boat. (Some procedures make me nervous) We also know that regular dental care is a very important element of maintaining overall good health.

If you find yourself in this category or know someone who is, send them over to this place. These dentists truly know how to handle anxiety and provide an experience that is calming and positive.

As I read what I'm writing, it sounds like a paid review. It's not.

They are just that good and I am super happy we found them! If this review helps just one person get back to the dentist and overcome a fear, then that in itself is a blessing and more than worth the time it took to write this review." — Joe P.

Testimonial - Amanda K. divider

"Great experience for my first time going in for a cleaning. Although I had Lauro senior as my dentist, have to say overall experience was great.

I called early Monday morning, very last minute for an appointment. The receptionist said she would call me back when the dentist was in to see if he can squeeze me in. They called me back within 15mins and I was able to get one before work. Yay!

Getting there, you may almost miss the place because it's right next to homes and the building itself looks like a small house. It's pretty small and cozy. Almost drove right by! Waiting time in the waiting room was only a mere 5-10mins and my appointment was pretty quick.

Dr. Mora was friendly and was talkative through my procedure. Asked questions and allowed me to ask questions here and there that concerned me. Luckily I got out of there with nothing dire. Usually when I go to a dentist I end up with cavities or them telling me I need to come in every 3mths. So I was good to go after 20mins and I headed off to grab lunch, heehee. See you guys in 6mths!" — Mandi K.

Testimonial - Omid A. divider

"Dr. Mora is an excellent dentist! He is very knowledgeable, informative, and very personable.

The staff is also extremely friendly and quick!  If you would like to have them chompers taken care of in a very comfortable and friendly atmosphere, then this is the place to go!" — Omid A.

Testimonial - Cherina A. divider

"Amazing service on top of educating patients on the importance of good family loves going to the dentist! Thank you Mora Family dentistry for keeping us accountable for strong, healthy teeth!

On a side note, before treatment...they provide a nice jaw massage. Who knew it's important to massage your jaw!!! Goodbye TMJ!!!" — Cherina A.

Testimonial - Jonathan B. divider

"I use Yelp a lot, but have never written a review yet. So this is a first for me.

I was compelled to write one due to the incredible professionalism of the dentist and the staff!
Everyone always have smiles on their faces and genuinely care for their patrons.

I actually don't feel like I'm a patient who only comes every few months for a routine cleaning. I know for several people, they dread going to their dentist, but not me. They are very knowledgeable at their craft and are very thorough in explaining things.

I almost forgot getting four wisdom teeth being pulled due to the painless experience. Dr. Larry, as he prefers me me to call him, is the BEST!

I would recommend this place to any and everyone! Hopefully this helped and will attract more people to start going here for their dental needs."
Jonathan B.

Testimonial - Carole M.

divider "The Mora Family Dentistry provides excellent, modern, and caring dental services. Highly recommend this Dental practice." — Carole M.

Testimonial - Liz P.

divider "This is the first time I've felt relaxed and informed during a dentist appointment.

From beginning to end, Dr. (Mora) made me feel extremely comfortable even though I have not had a cleaning for two years...

Needless to say, I was already embarrassed and expected a major lecture, but never heard one. He began the appointment by asking me how I was feeling and if I noticed anything bothering me, and asked me to elaborate on all issues regarding my teeth, mouth, neck and "essentially everything over my shoulders."

This made me feel that he cared about my overall health and he even proceeded to give me suggestions on how to fix my teeth grinding at night!

The cleaning itself was fast, efficient, gentle, and quite fun. Overall, great service coming from great people. I found my dentist for life!" — Liz P.

Testimonial - Angie_B.

divider "I have had a stinging sensation on my upper tooth and I went to their spacious and scenic Family Dental Clinic in Fairfield, California.

I was graciously accommodated by Dr. Lauro Mora III and he introduced me to his father, Dr. Lauro Mora Jr.

Seeing a dentist would turn me black and blue but I was immediately treated with utmost gentle care along with the calming voice of Dr. Mora.

The Mora family are known Dentists in the community; yet they were so humble and friendly. So folks in California! If you have a dental problem, “The Mora Family of Dentists” would surely be the solution to your problems with a smile and tender care.

Mabuhay kayo!" — Angie B.

divider Testimonial - James E.

divider After 27 years of martial arts experience, this is by far the best mouthguard I have ever owned.

At the family dentistry, Dr. Mora's custom mouthguards are extremely comfortable, breathable, and your teeth feel well protected.

The best part of all is that I don't feel like I am wearing one. — James E.

divider Testimonial - Arlene C

divider "Being a patient of Dr. Mora for almost 25 years, he and his staff have consistently exemplified top notch commitment, service and dedication to the care of my dental health.

I experience gentleness, thoroughness, professionalism, quality of work and utmost concern for emergency situations.

I highly recommend them to all my family and friends and look forward to more years with them for my dental health needs." — Arlene C.

Testimonial - Ron E. divider

"I’ve been coming here for 15 years. I always feel like part of the family and their quality of care is excellent. Dr. Mora makes you feel at ease and cares about every aspect of his practice." — Ron E.

Testimonial - Briana B. divider

"It is so comforting to know that I now have a dentist, better yet four dentists, that I can trust.

I no longer have to question whether the recommended treatment is what I really need.

It was nice having my teeth cleaned thoroughly by an actual dentist, compared to what I was used to at the previous dental office I went to (polishing & flossing by a dental assistant). After my first visit here I finally felt like I was being treated properly as a patient.

The concept of 'family dentistry' is encompassed in more ways than one. The office is operated by a family of dentists, and caters not just to individual patients but to families as well. This means that more than one patient can be seen at a time.

While I was having my teeth cleaned by Dr. Laurel, my husband was having his teeth cleaned by Dr. Elizabeth. Then when we had to return for fillings, Dr. Lauro III worked on my teeth and Dr. Lauro Jr. worked on my husband's teeth, once again at the same time.

On both occasions, both dentists communicated with me throughout the entire visit to make sure I wasn't experiencing any discomfort and also to keep me aware of exactly what was going on. I left both visits with nothing but good things to say, and my recommendation for anyone in need of dental care is to see any of the Mora family dentists.

You will not be disappointed!" — Briana B.

Testimonial - Darlene M. divider

"I don't usually write reviews for doctor's offices because food is usually my fortè, but this practice is worth mentioning.

First step-Call and make an appointment.
When I call to make my appointment or even have to reschedule, the ladies at the front desk is so accommodating. Their times are so flexible. If you want to make an appointment the days they are close, they have another office in Fairfield, which you can go to.

Step 2- Time of arrival.
Sign in. Update any changes with your information. Wait for your turn. Never had to wait long here. If there is a short wait, they'll put you in a room with a TV and ask to put your favorite TV station on and they'll do it.

Step 3-Cleaning Process.
The equipment they use is always so clean. It's always so organized on a tray. Feels comforting to see how clean everything is. This is a family practice so I have seen all the doctors here.

The DOCTORS and Staff
Dr. Lauro Mora (The husband and dad) is very thorough. He makes sure he gets every single plaque off my teeth.
Dr. Elizabeth Mora (The wife and mom) has gentle hands. My jaw is very sensitive from grinding my teeth when I sleep so when I'm experiencing pain in my mouth, she's very careful. I always walk out of the clinic feeling like I have a million dollar smile!

Dr. Laurel Mora (The daughter) is the most friendliest person I have ever met! We're about the same age so when I go in to see her, I immediately feel this bond. While she's cleaning my teeth, she would talk to me and ask how everything is. She's more than just a doctor that's cleaning my teeth, she cares about her patients so much.

Dr. Lauro Mora III (the son) is the funniest person ever. He cracks jokes while I'm laying there so I feel more comfortable during my treatment. He has a dog named Chief and as a dog lover myself I always LOVE hearing stories about him.

Susan and Wilma- the two back office assistants always greets you with a big warm smile. Everything about this office is so positive.

Checking out.
When my procedure is all done, they bring me to the front and we'll schedule my next cleaning, which is every 6 months. I always see a reminder card in the mail before my appointment so I won't forget! They are always on top of things.

I leave with a new toothbrush every time and I swear my teeth look more whiter each time I go there.
When I first started seeing this practice, I lived close by. I moved to San Francisco 4 years ago and the travel time is totally worth it." — Darlene M.

Testimonial - Carina R. divider

"I know that our dentists care about us sincerely. The staff greets us with a friendly smile each time.  

Instead of being afraid of the dentist, I look forward to going twice a year! Thanks to Dr. Mora Sr. and Jr, Dr. Laurel Mora Santos for always taking good care of us!

They are very personable and treat us not just as patients but as a family.  Our dentists are keepers!"
Carina R.

Testimonial - Jena N. divider

"I had an outstanding first impression as I arrived to the office; a friendly front-desk team and a warm welcoming atmosphere. After signing in (and updating any information if needed) I sat in the waiting area and continued my observing. The office is very clean and organized, with TV and reading materials available while you wait - although you won't be waiting for long.

All doctors and staff are professional, friendly, and more than happy to address any concerns you may have. You will be just as pleased at their Fairfield location. I have had appointments at both locations, and always received spot-on customer service. I immediately noticed their careful concentration and thorough work done within a short amount of time.

And the comfortable and caring environment provided for their patients definitely exceeded my expectations, separating this dental office from any other offices I have gone to in the past. I have found the right place to take care of my pearly whites, and I highly recommend this dental office to my family and friends! — Jena N.

Testimonial - Maritez C

divider "We've had the opportunity to be seen by each doctor in the Mora Family Dental practice and each time we visit, it has been a positive and great experience for my family.

The family friendly atmosphere, kind staff and knowledgeable doctors make it comfortable for us, especially for the girls.

Not only are they relaxed while receiving treatment, but they are also more motivated to take care of their teeth and smiles." — Maritez C.

divider Testimonial - Susan R

divider "Mora Family Dentistry has been taking care of me and my teeth for almost 20 years now, and I can't recommend them enough!

I've been seen by each dentist here, and each one is so knowledgeable, professional, and friendly.

The staff remembers everyone and is very accommodating; their cheerful and welcoming demeanor help put nervous patients (like myself!) at ease." — Susan R.

divider Testimonial - Ervin R

divider "I smile all the time. Since that's how many know me by, I need to make sure my teeth are taken care of. So I go to Mora Family Dental because that's what they do, they take care of you like family.

The environment is clean and the receptionist gives you a warm greeting. The Dentists and Assistants are quick and thorough, and very floss inspiring.

Plus I always leave with a fresh and clean mouth and a new toothbrush. I thank the Mora Family Dental for giving me another reason to smile."
— Ervin R.

divider Testimonial - Lorenzo C

divider "Yes it's a great family owned dentistry, my son and I have had work done and the staff is great, friendly, and they work with you.

Mr. Mora really knows what he’s doing and very patient, he takes his time, and is very careful I am definetly going back." — Lorenzo C.