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A Note from Brendon:

"I'm looking forward to teaching you EVERYTHING you need to know to start from scratch and promote, perform and get paid like the world's greatest speakers! This program will teach you step-by-step how to the highest paid speakers in the world start out, package their information, present powerfully from stage, excel in video, knock it out of the park during media appearances, and close huge percentages of the room selling their products and programs to live audiences. You're about to receive world-class training from me and elite legends Roger Love and Bo Eason that cannot be received anywhere else. This will be the best speaker training you've ever received, period, or your money back!"

-- Brendon

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  1. YES, I understand that spaces are limited so it's important that I act now before registration closes!

  2. Yes, I understand that this is an ONLINE COURSE followed by an optional LIVE EVENT. I can signup now and get incredible online training right now (see #3 below), which is comprehensive and stands on its own. I can also choose to attend the next live event if I want, which is November 17-20th, 2016, in Santa Clara, CA. I understand that I receive a FREE tuition-waiver to the live event, so I don't have to pay the usual $2k tuition to attend; I also understand that to claim my tuition-waiver and attend, I will separately have to pay a one-time $97 fee for materials and registration.

    Signup RIGHT NOW and you'll get IMMEDIATE ACCESS to the ENTIRE RECORDINGS of our core World's Greatest Speaker Training! (Value of $2,000!). You can watch the entire core training from us today ONLINE! EVERY WGST live event is new and updated, so you'll still want to come to the next LIVE event, but we thought we'd reward you right now for joining us! So, when you register now, you'll receive an email with login information to watch our core program online.

  4. YES! I'm excited to receive ALL the speaker resources that have made Brendon MILLIONS of dollars as a speaker, including his $25,000 speaking campaigns, $5000 seminar sales pages, never-before-shared multimillion-dolllar video scripts and closes, and so much more. (PRICELESS). I understand I will receive these tools and resources at the LIVE event and that they are mine to keep, copy, and model for my own topics so that I can get started immediately.

  5. Yes! I understand this event has a 100% satisfaction guarantee. I know that if I attend the entire first day of the training and I'm not 100% satisfied, then all I have to do is tell a staff member at the end of the first day and I'll receive my money back - no hassles, no hard feelings, no drama. My satisfaction is guaranteed and Brendon's #1 priority.

  6. Yes! I'm excited to recieve my BONUS training on how to do an online launch with video so that I can sell my products and program online. I understand this is another BONUS of the program and is a complete training that describes in detail how Brendon made over $3,000,000 just by speaking to the camera and launching his videos online. I understand I will receive this and all bonus trainings at and after I attend the live training of World's Greatest Speaker Training.

  7. YES! I'm ready to dramatically advance my performance on stage and to FINALLY receive what I deserve as a powerful and caring public speaker.

    Signup RIGHT NOW and you can bring a FREE GUEST with you. Yes, bring your spouse, friend, assistant, partner, or whoever you want with you! (Value of $1,997)

    Peer review of your presentations! For the first time ever, we're giving our event alumni access to a private online group where they can share links to their presentations and receive group feedback. Never launch your promotions again without having our extremely skilled alumni review it and give feedback. PRICELESS!

  10. YES! I understand that I will receive an email confirmation with all the hotel and event information I need to make my travel arrangements to the event.

    -- Brendon
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