Dickens,Dining and Song - Great Hall at St. Paul's Episcopal
Dec 12th, 1990 - Dec 23rd, 1990
Musical Direction by Vanda Eggington
Directed by Kerry Meads
Created by Robert Smyth
Hostess Veronica Murphy Smith
Host Mike Buckley
A Christmas Carol Eric Briner
A Christmas Carol Sharon Maley
A Christmas Carol Paul Maley
A Christmas Carol Lori Merrill
Madrigals Paul Eggington
Madrigals Vanda Eggington
Madrigals Rick Meads
Madrigals Christine Nicholson
Madrigals Nathan Peirson
Madrigals Kerry Meads
Scenic Design Mike Buckley
Costume Design Veronica Murphy Smith
Stage Manager Sonja Anderson
Project Coordinator Kate McConnell
Decorations and Additional Server Evelyn Peirson
Catering Consumate Catering
Pastry Chef Paul Vida
Additional Servers Cheryl Peirson
Assistant to Costume Designer Margaret Neuhoff
"The dining and song are very fine indeed! The madrigals are lovely, and the music curls seductively around the hall, almost palpably softening the expressions on the faces of the 250 people seated at the handsomely set decorated tables."
- ( Los Angeles Times )