Dickens,Dining and Song - Great Hall at St. Paul's Episcopal
Dec 11th, 1991 - Dec 28th, 1991
Musical Direction by Vanda Eggington
Directed by Kerry Meads
Created by Robert Smyth
Charles Dickens David Cochran Heath
Henry Austin John Carroll
Leticia Austin Patricia Thayer
Henry Burnett Paul Eggington
Fanny Burnett Vanda Eggington
Madame DeLouise Christine Nicholson
Augustus Dickens Larry Baldwin
Mrs. Dickens Sisters Melissa Reeves
Melissa Baldwin
Mark Lemon Nathan Peirson
Helen Lemon Tracy Allen
Daniel McLise Rick Meads
Luis Roche Josh Escajeda
Anne of Broadstairs Sonja Anderson
Little Mamey Leandra Salazar
Alfred Dickens Jon Lorenz
Scenic Design Mike Buckley
Costume Design Veronica Murphy Smith
Lighting Design Nathan Peirson
Great Hall Decorations Evelyn Peirson
Stage Manager Sonja Anderson
House Manager Lizbeth Persons
Sound Design David Thayer
"Splendid Victorian-style festivity! You get your money’s worth in warmth, feasting, song and entertainment. This skillful troupe hits key points with success. Like an unerring arrow, hits just the right heartwarming spot."
- ( Los Angeles Times )