To Kill A Mockingbird
Apr 24th, 1992 - May 30th, 1992
by Harper Lee
adapted for the stage by Christopher Sergel
Directed by Robert Smyth
Flute Player Richard Tibbitts
Jean Louis Finch Patricia DiMeo
Calpurnia Kathi Gibbs
Scout Carrie Heath
Walter Cunningham Tim West
Atticus Finch David Cochran Heath
Jem Jason Russell
Maudie Atkinson Carmen Beaubeaux
Dill Jedediah Larson
Rev. Sykes Wendell Lucas
Judge Taylor George Flint
Heck Tate Dean Moore
Bob Ewell Paul Eggington
Tom Robinson Grandison Phelps
Mr. Gilmer Tom Stephenson
Mayella Ewell Cynthia Peters Gerber
Scenic Design Ocie Robinson
Costume Design Veronica Murphy Smith
Stage Manager Barbara D. Smith