See How They Run
Aug 10th, 2012 - Sep 23rd, 2012
Directed by Robert Smyth
Ida Kerry Meads
Miss Skillon Myra McWethy
The Reverend Lionel Toop Jason Heil
Penelope Toop Cynthia Peters Gerber
Cliff Winton Brendan Farley
An Intruder Jeffrey Jones
The Bishop of Lax Jim Chovick
The Reverend Arthur Humphrey Paul Maley
Sergeant Towers Ron Choularton
Set Designer Mike Buckley
Costume Designer Jemima Dutra
Properties Designer Michael McKeon
Stage Manager Amanda Salmons
Lighting Designer Lila Lace Flores King
Sound Design Deborah Gilmour Smyth
Dialect Coach Jillian Frost
Chrissy Reynolds-Vögele
Scenic Artist Julie Lorenz
Audio Master Patrick J. Duffy
"A laugh-out-loud evening of hilarious high jinks and madcap merriment!"
- Donnie Matsuda ( SD DramaKing )
"It's hilarious! We were promised laughter. They delivered. **** (4 stars)"
- Charlene Baldridge ( Theatre Blogosphere )
"For a thoroughly good romp on a great set, with lots of laughter, run to Lamb's in Coronado!"
- Jenni Prisk ( Center Stage, Actors Alliance of San Diego )
"Lamb’s has another hit on its hands!"
- Jean Lowerison ( SDGLN )
"Excellent comedy closes Lamb's summer season!!

To say the play is pure silliness or glee wouldn’t do justice to how intelligently everything comes apart and comes back together. Half the pleasure is trying to figure out when everyone on stage will figure it all out. The other half of the pleasure is watching these affectionately sketched characters carry on. "
- Roxana Popescu ( Union Tribune )
"Lamb’s staple Kerry Meads finds her best role to date as Ida the maid, whose good intentions to decipher the madness make her the most likeable and funniest character of the bunch. If Meads and her big reactions don’t steal the show, it’s only because of the adroit physical comedy of Myra McWethy as the audacious busybody we love to hate."
- Milo Shapiro ( Stage & Cinema )
"Lamb's takes the trick with SEE HOW THEY RUN!

Producing Artistic Director Robert Smyth has a knack for staging plays from the 1940s. He gets the era, how people talked then, and he’s fascinated with the details of the kind of well-made play that 1940s writers routinely produced. He consistently provides persuasive evidence for reviving shows from this period. He’s also good at directing farce, and See How They Run is a classic. It should be a winner at Lamb’s and it is!

First produced and set in 1944, the play resembles Agatha Christie to the extent that it gathers up a bunch of British types and then pits them against each other. Only, instead of a mystery to solve, there’s a lot of mistaken identity resulting in much huffing and puffing as doors open and slam shut and characters chase each other around a country vicarage.

Leading the way is the Vicar’s wife, Penelope (Cynthia Gerber), an American former actress who is quite the fish out of water in these parts. Ms. Gerber has down the rat-a-tat-tat rhythm of the 40s heroine (think any film of that period that starred Katherine Hepburn).

The Lamb’s designers always have a field day with this sort of show, and their work here reflects a solid commitment to craft.

Cooling off in Coronado on a hot August night couldn’t be more enjoyable! "
- Bill Eadie ( )
"Director Robert Smyth has a knack for orchestrating keen ensemble work. His well-chosen cast performs as if to the track meet-born. Cynthia Gerber shines as Penelope Toop, the actress (her descent of the stairs on Mike Buckley's set has a pure Hollywood theatricality). Jason Heil, Brendan Farley, Ron Choularton, and Jeffrey Jones do the 4 X 100 sprints. Myra McWethy and Kerry Meads earn laughs as Miss Skillon and Ida (one of the world's most put-upon maids)."
- Jeff Smith ( Reader )