Thunder At Dawn
Feb 11th, 2005 - Mar 20th, 2005
Written by Max Enscoe
Directed by Kerry Meads
Private Domitian Nick Cordileone
Sgt Major Vitruvius David Cochran Heath
Capt. Marcus Robert Smyth
Scenic Design Mike Buckley
Lighting Design Nathan Peirson
Costume Design Kevin Jordan
Properties Design Cecelia Church
Stage Manager Maria Mangiavellano
Fight Choreographer Martin Katz
Sound Design Greg Campbell
"Cordileone, Heath and Smyth all deliver visceral, gripping performances in what is more of a taut psychological drama than a Passion Play!"
- ( San Diego Daily Transcript )
"It's a risky choice- but the believability of these characters will hold your interest."
- ( San diego Gay + Lesbian Times )
"The performances make the production memorable. Cordileone plays Private Domitian with an intense vulnerability. Heath presents a man riddled with icy indifference and a hot vein of cruelty always bubbling just beneath his skin. Smyth delivers a realistic performance as a guilt-ridden man who is clearly broken in both mind and spirit."
- ( North County Times )