Susan And God
Aug 10th, 2007 - Sep 23rd, 2007
by Rachel Crothers
Directed by Robert Smyth
Irene Burroughs K.B. Mercer
Michael O'Hara David Cochran Heath
Charlotte Marley Cynthia Peters Gerber
Hutchins Stubbs Doren Elias
Leonora Stubbs Colleen Kollar Smith
Clyde Rochester Cris O'Bryon
Susan Trexel Sarah Zimmerman
Barrie Trexel Lance Arthur Smith
BLossom Trexel Kelli Plaisted
Scenic Design Nick Fouch
Set Pieces Mike Buckley
Lighting Design Nate Parde
Costume Design Jeanne Reith
Sound Design Patrick J. Duffy
Properties Design Amanda Helland
Stage Manager Maria Mangiavellano
Wig Design Peter Herman
Hair Design Susie Furguson
"Best Bet! Fine end-of-summer fun!"
- Pat Laurner ( )
"Smyth and company give this surprisingly relevant comedy the full Lamb’s treatment – an incandescent performance by Sarah Zimmerman, a strong supporting cast elegantly swathed in Jeanne Reith’s period clothes, underscored with piano stylings by the redoubtable Cris O’Bryon."
- Anne Marie Welsh ( San Diego Union-Tribune )
"A sparkling production! Susan & God satisfies thanks to Robert Smyth's clear, swift direction and fine casting. Zimmerman is so pretty and incandescent you can't take your eyes off of her. From the moment she breezes onto the stage, she dazzles everyone, both onstage and in the audience."
- Pam Kragen ( North County Times )