Steel Magnolias
Feb 4th, 2011 - Mar 20th, 2011
Written by Robert Harling
Directed by Robert Smyth
Annelle Season Bowers
Clairee Rosina Reynolds
Shelby Colleen Kollar Smith
Ouiser Rhona Gold
Truvy (thru Feb 12, 2011) Kerry Meads
Truvy (Feb 12 - March 20) Cynthia Peters Gerber
M'Lynn Deborah Gilmour Smyth
Scenic Design Mike Buckley
Costume Design Jeanne Reith
Lighting Design Nathan Peirson
Property Design & Stage Manager Michael McKeon
Sound Design Robert Smyth
Patrick J. Duffy
Hair Design & Consultant Sara Waldo
- ( Center Stage )
"Spicy as red beans and rice! Sterling cast. Lamb's couldn’t ask for a better team to kick off its 40th season!"
- ( )
"Laughter and tears are guaranteed in the excellent Lamb’s Players STEEL MAGNOLIAS, incisively directed by Robert Smyth, with a marvelous ensemble, each woman creating a humorous, moving, memorable character."
- Pat Laurner ( Jazz 88 )
"Lamb’s makes Steel Magnolias Bloom! Strong ensemble cast successfully hits all the humerous and poignant points!"
- ( San Diego Union-Tribune )
"Lamb’s Magnolias is worth a return visit! The cast is tops!"
- ( North County Times )