Festival Of Christmas - Belinda and the Gifts of the Christ Child
Nov 24th, 1989 - Dec 23rd, 1989
Arrangements / Musical Direction by Mary Kidd
Choreographed by Pamela Turner
Written and Directed by Robert Smyth
Based on the works of by George MacDonald
Pheobe the Maid / Old Woman Carmen Beaubeaux
Thomas Lippencott / Shadow / King / Little boy / Goblin Mike Buckley
Richard Gilder / Shadow / Goblin / Faerie David Cochran Heath
Marie / Light Shadow / Faerie Leigh Scarritt
Helena / Shadow / Queen / Goblin / Faerie Patricia Thayer
Belinda Lippencott Deborah Gilmour Smyth
George MacDonald Robert Smyth
Scenic Design Mike Buckley
Costume Design Margaret Neuhoff
Masks and Lighting Design Nathan Peirson
Shadow and Goblin Wigs Sue Sitko
Research Catherine Smith
Sound Design Mary Kidd