Detective Story
Feb 7th, 2003 - Mar 16th, 2003
by Sidney Kingsley
Directed by Robert Smyth
Detective Dankis Joe Nesnow
Shoplifter Colleen Kollar Smith
Detective Gallagher John Nutten
Tony Jesse MacKinnon
Mrs. Farragut Pat DiMeo
Joe Feinson Tom Stephenson
Detective Callahan Greg Thompson
Detective O'Brien Tom Andrew
Detective Brody Doren Elias
Endicott Sims Walter Ritter
Detective McLeod David Cochran Heath
Arthur Kindred Nick Cordileone
Patrolman Barnes Walter Murray
Charles Gennini J. Michael Ross
Mrs. Bagatelle Pat DiMeo
Kurt Schneider Don Loper
Lt. Monoghan Paul Eggington
Susan Carmichael Amy Cordileone
Miss Hatch Emily Bender
Crumb-Bum Tom Andrew
Woman Emily Bender
Mr. Pritchett George Flint
Tami Giacoppetti Jesse MacKinnon
Photographer Don Loper
Indignant Citizen Emily Bender
Lewis Abbot Jon Lorenz
Mr. Gallantz Jon Lorenz
Saxophone - recorded Rik Ogden
Piano and Drums - Recorded Deborah Gilmour Smyth
Scenic Design Mike Buckley
Costume Design Jeanne Reith
Stage Manager Melinda Roos
Lighting Design Mike Buckley
Original Music & Sound Design Deborah Gilmour Smyth
"Critic's Pick! Fascination never flags and delight never dims! And the major factor in that fascination and delight is a cast of 21 players, none of whom is less than excellent."
- ( Backstage West )
"Critic's Choice! A big-cast, period-faithful, and highly entertaining cop classic. Lamb's director Robert Smyth has assembled a cast of 20 for this vivid, sprawling 1949 Sidney Kingsley play."
- ( San Diego Union-Tribune )
"Critic's Pick! David Cochran Heath, a Lamb's mainstay for decades doing some of his best work ever! Smyth and a 21-member cast turn the Lamb's stage into 1949. To single out actors would be unfair to the ensemble, each of whom contributes to one of Lamb's best shows!"
- ( San Diego Reader )
"Lamb's Players Theatre opens its 2003 season with a bang-bang, delivering a spellbinding and well-produced staging of the 1949 police station classic."
- ( North County Times )