MIXTAPE at the Horton Grand Theatre
Aug 13th, 2010 - Dec 19th, 2010
by Jon Lorenz & Colleen Kollar Smith with Kerry Meads
Directed by Kerry Meads
Musical Direction & Arrangements by Jon Lorenz
Choreographed by Colleen Kollar Smith
Season Bowers
Joy Yandell
Lance Arthur Smith
Marci Anne Wuebben
Leonard Patton
Spencer Rowe
Michelle Pereira
Louis Pardo
Brad Davis
Wendy Ward
Band Leader & Keyboards Andy Ingersoll
Guitar Rik Ogden
Drums Dave Rumley
Bass Oliver Shirley
Front Man Nick Spear
Scenic Design Mike Buckley
Costume Designer Jemima Dutra
Lighting Design Rachael Campbell
Sound Design Patrick J. Duffy
Associate Musical Director Andy Ingersoll
Stage Manager Maria Mangiavellano
Properties & Projection Design Michael McKeon
Assistant Stage Manager
Esther Banks
Jennifer Hornsveld
Production Assistant Brenna Peirson
Sound Engineer Robin Whitehouse
Hair Design Susie Furguson