Academic & Medical Editing
The works we edit appear in a wide range of journals, from the relatively obscure
to the highly coveted
Science and Nature. And we are equally at home editing both
American and British English. Of course, we also edit term papers, theses, and
It is important that authors know what the cost of an edit will be from the start.
That's why we charge by the word. We offer two levels of service (U.S. currency).

α Gold ($0.07/word)--value option
Silver option + we format the paper (including references; a $0.025/wd value!) to
the target journal (or other guidelines), proofread all figures/tables, and ensure
that your reference list is complete (and that all references are cited in the text).

β Silver ($0.06/word)--proofreading & copyediting
We fix errors (e.g., misspellings, typos), make your text more understandable,
ensure accurate word choice, and cut out redundancies where possible.

New!.Text Tune-up ($0.017 - $0.025/word)
Only need a quick review to polish up your paper? Get your entire file corrected for
as little as $50. Read more about this incredible discount option

Turnaround schedule

**Expedited/priority service = 1/2 turnaround time for an additional 50% charge**
To request editing samples or discuss your project, email us
(please include a sample of what you need edited).
To submit your manuscript, please email us and attach it
(preferably as a Microsoft Word document)
How It Works

  •  We edit & add comments/questions where necessary, return to you*
  •  You review & address comments/questions, return to us (optional)**
  •  We conduct a final review
  •  Once you're satisfied, you pay
*This helps get the text into the best shape possible. **This free follow-up is
valid for 7 days from the date you receive the edited text.
Number of words
Business days (M-F)
up to 2,000
4 business days
2,001 to 6,000
6 business days
6,001 to 10,000
8 business days
more than 10,000
let's talk
Half the deadline!

Gold: $0.105/word
Silver: $0.09/word
**Automatic 50% discount on all words above 13,000**
I just got through your
comments and edits,
and once again, it is
fantastic! It is so hard
for me to write, and
you make it seem so
easy! Also, your
questions are really
helpful, help me see
things from the reader’
s point of view.
Thanks again!
-Michael, Sydney, Australia
How much
would it cost?

Email us your
paper to find out
(It's free! And we
look for ways to
save you money.)

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Get it done right the first time
Thanks for your
excellent editing and
useful tips! I am
impressed. Hope you
can help me again
down the road.
-Lee, Michigan, USA
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