You have a personal
touch that I didn't
expect. You showed
concern, and I
appreciate that. Really
--Dr. Ubah Maxwell
author of
Seven Great Life
Lessons: Powerful strategies
for reaching your goals
Get it done right the first time
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Thanks for your
excellent editing and
useful tips! I am
impressed. Hope you
can help me again
down the road.
-Lee, Michigan, USA
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  • Arabian Gulf University, Sphere of Technological Studies, Bahrain
  • Bharathi Women's College, Dept of Biochemistry, India
  • California Academy of Sciences, Invertebrate Zoology & Geology, USA
  • Capella University, School of Education, USA
  • Carnegie Institute for Science, USA
  • Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, USA
  • Chinese Culture University, College of Business, Chna
  • Chongqing Medical University, China
  • City University of Hong Kong, Applied Social Studies, Hong Kong
  • Federal University of Rio Grande, School of Chemistry and Food, Brazil
  • Feng Chia University, Information Engineering & Computer Science,
  • First Affiliated Hospital of Chongqing Medical University, Dept of
    Respiratory Medicine, China
  • Fourth Hospital of Hebei Medical University, Dept of Radiotherapy, China
  • Francisco J. Muniz Infectious Diseases Hospital, Buenos Aires, Argentina
  • GeneralPetroMineralOperationsCompany, Canada
  • Guangdong Polytechnic Normal University, China
  • Hong Kong Institute of Vocational Education, Computing & Information
    Management, Hong Kong
  • Hyundai Maritime Research Institute, Korea
  • Institute of Reproductive and Child Health, Peking University Health
    Science Center, China
  • MedWrite Institute, USA
  • Michigan State University, Microbiology and Molecular Genetics, USA
  • Napier University Business School, Management & Law, Scotland
  • National Chengchi University, Management Information Systems, Taiwan
  • National Chung Cheng University, Computer Science and Information
    Engineering, Taiwan
  • National Institute of Agri-Food industries and Management, France
  • National Institute of Biodiversity, Malacology, Costa Rica
  • National Taichung Institute of Technology, Logistics Engineering and
    Management, Taiwan
  • National Tsing Hua University, Humanities and Social Sciences, Taiwan
  • Peking University, School of Public Health, China
  • Renmin University of China, Dept of Social Work, China
  • Russian Academy of Sciences, Russia
  • Shih Hsin University, Taiwan
  • Union of International and European Civil Servants, Belgium
  • University of Putra Malaysia, Institute of Gerontology, Malaysia
  • University of Brasilia, Social and Work Psychology, Brazil
  • University of Costa Rica, Zoology, Costa Rica
  • University of Iceland, Department of Geosciences, Iceland
  • University of Michigan, Anthropology, USA
  • University of Newcastle, School of Psychology, Australia
  • University of Palermo, Dept of Agricultural and Forest Sciences, Italy
  • University of Papua New Guinea, Biological Science, Papua New Guinea
  • University of Rajshahi, Geography & Environmental Study, Bangladesh
  • University of Rhode Island, Oceanography, USA
  • University of Sydney, Discipline of Marketing, Australia
  • University of Texas, Electrical and Computer Engineering/
    Microelectronics Research Center, USA
  • University of Tokyo, Institute of Medical Science, Japan   
  • University of Toledo, Economics, USA
  • University of Western Sydney, School of Business, Australia
  • Victoria University of Wellington, Engineering, New Zealand
  • Xiamen University, China
  • Yuan Ze University, International Business, Taiwan

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